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Lithuanian demographics


68% of Lithuania's 3,692,600 million (2001) citizens live in urban areas, giving the country a population density of 56.9 people per square km (147.4 people per sq. mi.). 

Statistics by sex divided as follows: 46.8 % males and 53.2 % females. 

  • Average life expectancy in Lithuania is 71 year
  • Average female life expectancy is 77 year
  • Average male life expectancy is 66 year

The economical and political changes of the last decades have had a big influence on the demographical situation in Lithuania. The population of Lithuania has had a decreasing tendency. This process was influenced by emigration at the beginning of the last decade and a bit later - by a natural decrease. This tendency has continued for the last years because of a low birth-rate.

According the population and housing census carried out in the Republic of Lithuania in 2001, the permanent resident population of our country totalled 3,483,972, of which 2,332,098 were in urban areas and 1,151,874 in rural areas. 

Approximately 2.9 million of Lithuanians live outside their homeland, more than 150 thousand - live in Russia and Eastern countries. More than one million people of Lithuanian origin live in USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, FRG, Great Britain, Australia, Poland and elsewhere. 


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