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Weather and climate for Vilnius & Lithuania


Weather in Vilnius (Lithuania)

This section presents the last weather reports for Vilnius. For more information and the weather in other cities in Lithuania, please click on the banner.

Lithuanian climate

Climate is transitional between maritime and continental. The average annual temperature is about 6 C. The average temperature of January is -4.8 C. (in Ignalina). The average temperature of July is 17.2 C, fluctuates from 16.5 C (in Klaipeda) to 17.6 C (in Kaunas). The mean annual precipitation varies from 540 mm (in the Middle Lowlands) to 930 mm (on the southwest slopes of the Zemaitija Uplands). The greatest amount of it falls in August, at the seaside - in October. The vegetation season in Lithuania lasts from 169 to 202 days. 

Sun is rare in winter and the entire country is known for its rain during the other three seasons of the year.


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