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Entry requirements Currency advice/regulations Import and export of national currency is not allowed. A refund is possible against exchange receipt. Import of foreign currencies is unlimited, but a declaration is required for amounts over the equivalent of Lt10,000. Export is allowed up to the amount declared, less amounts exchanged or spent. Export exceeding the equivalent of Lt100,000 is not permitted. Lithuania is still primarily a cash economy. Visitors can change money in banks, shops, kiosks and hotels. Traveller's cheques are more widely accepted than elsewhere in the Baltic states. Customs A small amount of personal goods may be brought into Lithuania duty-free. On arrival, declare valuable items such as jewellery, cameras, computers and musical instruments. If arriving by air or sea you can bring in one litre of spirits, two litres of wine, three litres of beer and 200 cigarettes/250g tobacco. Road and rail border quotas are different, being half a litre of spirits, two litres of wine, half a litre of beer and 100 cigarettes/100g of tobacco. You would however be a fool to do so, as these commodities are cheaper to buy in Lithuanian shops. You can take home as much art as you wish tax free unless it’s over 50 years old, in which case expect to pay between a 10% and 20% duty. Take it along with your passport and two photographs of the work in question to the Committee of Cultural Heritage, Snipiskiu 3, tel. (+370 5) 272 40 05/272 41 13, where it will be valued and you’ll be given all the necessary paperwork you need to export it. Many of the better antique shops in Vilnius can take care of all the paperwork for you. For more detailed information point those browsers at www.cust.lt. Passports: Passports are required by all. Visa Required by all, except citizens of EU, North America, Australasia and some Asian countries for tourist and business visits up to 90 days. For a full list of visa-free citizens visit website of Embassy of the Republic of the Lithuania to the United States of America or contact the nearest consulate. Business visas for all others must be applied for with an invitation from a local company or organisation and certified by the migration authorities in Lithuania (stamped and signed by a migration officer). A business letter, by the visitor's company, giving purpose of visit and full itinerary should also be included.


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